Financial Coaching

Meet JFunds Financial Coach, Shay Port, and learn more:

Are you ready to get a better handle on your finances? Do you have financial goals you’re ready to achieve? JFunds offers the Pittsburgh area Jewish Community FREE one-on-one financial coaching customized to YOUR goals and desires. Some areas you can focus on include:

  • Debt management
  • Credit score improvement
  • Budgeting/spending plans
  • Student loan payment plan assistance (loan consolidation & income-driven repayment plans)
  • Home purchasing guidance
  • Savings/investing plans
  • Credit card use best practices
  • Applying for public assistance programs
  • General financial education 

Sessions are 50 minutes and currently occur via phone or Zoom. 

About JFunds’s Financial Coach

Shay Port is a CPA, Financial Coach, Counselor and Educator. After receiving her CPA, Shay worked as a corporate accountant for over 10 years. After seeing so many of those around her struggling with their personal finances, Shay began to envision a life dedicated to assisting all those who were seeking relief. In 2010, Shay founded her company, Financial Wellness with Shay Port.

Over the past decade, through the magic of video conferencing, Shay has coached hundreds of participants in every part of the country to overcome financial habits that don’t serve. Shay and her clients work together on creating holistic, comprehensive and easy-to-follow personal financial plans in order to achieve their financial goals. 

Shay offers many diverse services, but she specializes in coaching people who are in significant debt, to not only get out of debt permanently, but to form new financial habits and develop a positive and empowered relationship with money going forward.

Shay’s other non-profit engagements have included 4 years as the financial coach at one of the first Financial Opportunity Centers in Pittsburgh, the creator and leader of the financial wellness program for the Pittsburgh chapter of Platform to Employment, a national employment reintegration program, and as a certified Financial Counselor/Coach trainer through the Cities for Financial Empowerment. Shay also wrote and led several different “train the trainer” seminars for the CFE.

Like everyone, Shay has experienced her own financial challenges. This is how she knows, firsthand, how empowering and life-altering it can be to finally get the help and direction you need in order to live a life of security, abundance and ultimately financial freedom.